New Barbie Body & DC Superhero Girls


There's quite a bit of hoopla in the Barbie community about the possibility of Barbie getting a new Articulated body in the future.

18 points of Articulation!

However, it looks like to me that Barbie is getting a whole new body in 2016.

Perhaps it is time to say good-bye to the Belly Button body... And hello to this new teenage Barbie body. She has narrower shoulders, smaller bust size, narrower hips.

And then there's the articulated body, with its upper arm rotation, double hinge elbow & knee joints and upper thigh rotation. Plus we've got the chest & ankle rotation on one body.

Personally, I don't have a problem with visible joints.

But I'm also not a collector who demands articulation. My collection is display based so, I like to put my dolls it cool poses, but most of them don't need to be.

My big wish for this new development is that they are used for the DC Superhero Girls collection from Mattel.

It was announced this year that DC Comics was launching a superhero line of merchandise targeted at young girls.

The designs looks pretty good! I can do with a few details here and there, but I like the look of the girls so far.

 In a separate announcement, it was said that the girls will get ACTION FIGURES.

I got such a jolt of excitement when I first heard the announcement. I knew this meant Mattel was going to make toys aimed at girls, which obviously means dolls, right?! Right?!

Now, I immediately decided to hold out hope that they would be figures in the 12" scale. I play dolls with my young cousins and they will take any doll and include it in their stories.

They have even played with my Barbra Streisand doll!

I've been slowly getting them into comics and since DC is a big deal to me, it is where I started. They know who Supergirl & Batgirl & Bubble Bee are from Teen Titans comics. I would love to be able to introduce them to Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Katana through these dolls.

They would eat them up! They'd put them right in with Barbie & Elsa & Anna, etc.

Maaaaaaaaaaybe, these new ACTION FIGURE-like doll bodies are going to be used for DC girls ACTION FIGURES...?

After all, the Disney store just announced a new doll for Tomorrow land that they are labeling an 'ACTION FIGURE'.

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