Okay, so I caved!: LA Girl & Wish List

I missed her on TheBarbieCollection.com because I didn't want to pay for shipping. Now I've paid more than that now. 

I'm so stupid.

It wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't want multiples. I ordered 2 nude LA Girls on eBay. 

At least this way, I won't be obsessing about them like I have for the last couple days.

I've been acting a little crazy because there's not much year left and I don't want to be buying up dolls next year. 

I'm putting a number quota on the amount of dolls I can get next year. No more than 20 dolls. Maybe not even that much....

Whatever new Fashionistas come out next year, I've maxed my total amount at 5. 

I'm thinking of topping out at 15 dolls total. Leaving 5 slots for surprises. 

I may do 10 total, with 5 slots.

As for this year, I'm tryna get my essentials in line before the year's up. 

My Wish List encompasses pretty much everything I want to get for the rest of year. I updated it recently. 

We expect a couple Mockingjay dolls. I wrote on the image that I wanted ALL of them, but that's not really true. Mostly I want Gale -- if it's a likeness doll. I don't need another Peeta. I already have 2 Katniss(es). Its such a cool sculpt it wouldn't hurt to get more, but we'll see. 

If its a kick ass doll then that'll make my decision much easier.

Now, what I'm really hoping for is a surprise. A Hunger Games doll we weren't expecting. That's probably asking way too much though. The CATCHING FIRE dolls are still in the BC.com shop.

Here are all the Fashionistas I wanted this year laid out:

I ordered the top 2 rows already. 1 each.

Its the next couple rows that get complicated. I think I want duplicates of each...

I have 2 LA Girls - and I think I want another. The New Skipper sculpt is such a beautiful and versatile one and I've been wishing for one without a tan.

The modified Pazzette is such a cute and unique sculpt. There's a lot of potential in it. Ideally, I'd have 2.

I think the pale brunette sculpt is the New Tori. I want at least 1 of those (for a very special doll). I want the same for the brown skinned beauty on the bottom. I have ideas for more, if I ever get them.

In general, though, I'm going to try to practise restraint.  I can't imagine they won't use these cool sculpts again.

And, yeah, I also want the donut top. ;) It's cute.

I ordered some new shoes, as well as LA Girl's outfit, but that's it for new purchases.

On Sunday, I'm going to talk about my most recent reroot. She's gorgeous and very special. I'm really proud of her!


LA Girl Barcode Image from eBAy:

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