Gotham City Sirens: Selina

 Catwoman really needs no introduction.
There are so many different versions of her out there and they are all pretty valid! She's been around 75 years and that means she's been in the hands of hundreds of creators, all who think they know how the character should be seen.

Despite all those conflicting ideas, my image of Selina is much more specific.... I like her looking mysterious, with long curly black hair and and a mischivious look on her face.

And since she's a comicbook character and sexuality is kind of important (male gaze and all *rolls eyes*), the sensuality I prefer from Selina is kind of an "accidental" sexy... like its totally natural for her.

Its images like these that make wish I got into the short haired Selina look...

Its an Audrey Hepburn look, and I like elements of it but....

Selina just isn't an Audrey to me. Clearly it works! She's gorgeous, but it's not how she sits in my head.

The image of Selina that comes up when I picture her is from Tim Sale's When In Rome.

I think this is the exact outfit I want. It straddles the line of where she is in the comics right now, running a mob family, and her femme fatale roots.

Which brings me to the doll I have chosen...

It is so funny looking at my Catwoman doll with bright yellow hair!

I have her black hair. I promise to reroot her soon.

Still here she is.

A lot of work to turn her into Selina but the Goddess sculpt is so perfect for her. I love the fullness in the face sculpt. The cheeks. The lips. The jaw & chin. I think it's going to be a great base for a Selina Kyle doll.

Plus, I have this cool cat head necklace from a Josie and the Pussycats doll.

Where have I seen something like that before that before...?

Oh yeah, in Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale's When in Rome!

And I just got that Josie doll too!  

Just in time go around Catwoman's neck!

This doll was meant to happen.


God, I love Barbie. 

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