Gotham City Sirens: Talia Inspiration


Talia al ghul... a facinating and somehow still enigmatic female character from the world of Batman.
Now, it's kind of interesting that the 2 dolls I have right now just happen to be Batman's primary love interests: Talia and Selina. 

I love it!

Catwoman is a more well known character, but those in the know recoginze them both as being 'loves' of Bruce Wayne's life.

Batman... the romantic figure.

First up, Talia al Ghul.

Talia is a hard character to cast. Really hard. Partly because, most of the time, she doesn't look the way I think the character would look.

The character design is pretty inconsistant. Her father is an ancient Arabian man, whose life has been prolonged magically. So, his D.N.A. is pretty old. My thought is that his Arab features should be pretty distinct. However,  it is really hard to maintain a consistant character design through years and years of comics and Ra's is often depicted as white.

Not only is Ra's Arab but he is also, possibly, Chinese. The canon is not totally clear. It has also been said that her mother was Chinese. This is a lesser known fact,  though sometimes she is depicted wearing Asian inspired clothing and as having generically Asian facial features. I don't want to cling to that too much, since her connection to her father is the most important familial connection. 

With all of that, Talia's character design was doomed from the start. Add on to it the fact that some artists can't draw ethnic characters and you have an even bigger problem!

However, there are some consistent design elements.

She almost always has long, brown hair.

Her clothing ususally falls into 1 of 2 camps.

Long and flow-y with a skirt:

Super tight Spy-wear:

I prefer the dress look, but the spy look is still pretty cool.

But wait... clothes are usually the last part of putting a doll together. What does her face look like?

Well... it can vary dramatically based on the artist, but here are my favourite individual designs that I pulled from when choosing the sculpt.

I like the dramatic cat eye. I definitly want that.
 Each different and unique, but individually, none really give me the impact I want. I like the long face of the animated interpretations but they look too white to me.

I like the way she looks in the Batman: Bane of the Demon (the illustration in the the night gown), with her colouring and even the prominence of her nose (in that specific illustration). However, her face is more round than long. As much as I like it, my introduction to Talia was from Batman's animated TV shows. She's always had more of a oval face in the cartoon and that is just how I see her.

So where did I land? Well, I stuck with my fill-in doll from my initial photo. I chose the Dhoom 3 Aliya Barbie doll.

This current body had its body blushed and nails painted by Julie Allen.
She truly is a gorgeous doll. An India exclusive Barbie Collector doll in the likeness of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif...

...who is mixed race herself! Definitely a Bonus!

The sculpt hits all the points I want.


As for things that need to change... Her hair is much too dark (and of... not great quality). Like all the dolls in this series, I'm hoping to get her repainted.

But for now, I'm happy to have just settled on a doll.

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