Gotham City Sirens: Intro


I am so excited right now, because things are coming together for a certain collections of mine. My GOTHAM CITY SIRENS. Oh, yeah!

Here they are:
Talia al Ghul (Katrina Sculpt), Catwoman (Grace Kelly), Harley Quinn (Carnival), Poison Ivy (Diva/Midge)
So this is the basic line-up. My Sirens includes Talia. Because I want a Talia doll. ;)

This is photo I took right after I finished the Pamela reroot. The other girls were lined up just so I could see the idea of doing a Siren's line, like, physically. Other than Pamela, the other heads were just the one's I was thinking about using.

Now about the dolls I will use...

We've already talked about Pamela. I sent her off to be repainted! We'll talk more about her when I start making her outfit.

Race Day & Dance Off Frenchy

The Harley pictured in the group photo is from the Grease Frenchy Race Day doll. It has a great Harley face, but I prefer the red lips of the Dance Off doll. When I get her in my hands, we'll talk about Harley. That leaves Talia and Selina, whose chosen dolls are here. (I talked about my Selina head in my last post). I'll talk about them on Wednesday.
For now, I want to talk about why I'm doing this line...
It’s kinda hard to articulate, but I'll try. 

I was a big cartoon watcher when I was young. I watched anything that was on Cartoon Network & select shows on Nickelodeon. My favourite shows were the action shows. The boy shows. I'm not sure why. I suspect it was because I sometimes watched TV with my older male cousins and I wanted to have something in common with them. Most likely it was just that those were the shows that were one when I watched TV. Outside of Toonami, I don't remember being an appointment TV watcher; I just watched what ever was on. 

 However, perhaps that wasn't true. I watched all the DC Comics superhero shows. Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League.

I even watched Super Friends.

I was raised to be a DC girl. 

I know now that there Marvel cartoon on when I was young, but I don't remember watching them... With the exception of X-Men: Evolution. I watched that one!

There was a Spiderman cartoon... I vaguely remember it, but I'm pretty sure its part of the reason I don't like Spiderman.

Like most of the show I watched at the time, most of the lead characters were men. The most importantly thing, though, was that I liked the characters. Those shows have tons really interesting male characters and they told cool stories. I'm pretty sure I had a crush on Batman... 

No surprise, it was the female characters that I loved the most. Especially on Batman

 I wanted to be Catwoman. 

Poison Ivy was so different than any woman I knew (plus, she had red hair!). 

Harley Quinn felt like me on screen.

Notice I gravitated to the bad women...

Talia was on the show too, but I think I missed her episode on the original Batman show. I have very strong memories, however, of her Batman Beyond episode...

That one was epic! I wouldn't dare spoil it trying to tell you why!

I never lost that love of DC, and now that I've started to actually read the comic books, my love has only grown. I love the good girls now. Wonder Woman. Batgirl. Black Canary. Lois Lane. Its funny how the kid's show made me love the bad girls and the books made me love the good girls... One day I'll analyse that.

My love for the bad girls has grown as well. I understand Harley in an intellectual way, where previously I responded to her instinctively. Catwoman and what makes her tick is much clearer it me. Poison Ivy continues to be mysterious, which is the way I like her. Talia's character has made so much progress in recent years; it makes me glad to be a real fan of her now.

My doll collection reflects what I love about Pop Culture; I can't imagine it without comic book representation. I have multiple series that I'm working on, multiple comic series included, but these girls are my priority. 

These girls are my favourites. They represent complexity, strength, confidence & beauty.

I'm so happy I am able to do this. I can't wait to talk details, which I will very soon.

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