New Arrivals: Vacation... All I Ever Wanted...

Vacation... Had to get away...

I intended for this to be a post about some of the non-duplicate dolls I got on my trip. Then I noticed... I do have a couple duplicates in here.

For example, these babies.

Barbie Basics #14, Holiday 2014 AA, Fifth Harmony Dinah & Camilla
I already have a BB #14. Louboutin are pretty rare though, and I love the sculpt. I'll collect as many of these as I can.

I also already have a Fifth Harmony Camilla. The Carnival mold is one of my favourites (I happen to have a lot of heads with this mold. I promised a fellow blogger I'd talk about them one day.) Camilla's colouring is pretty unique for the sculpt, and so versatile. I had to have another!

Holiday is for a hair project. I want to experiement with giving dolls hair inspired by the Quann twins.

TK Wonder & Cipriana Quann
 I'll probably start with TK's. If it works, I'll get another one and try out Cipriana's hair.

I have an image of turning Dinah into Jillian Hervey from Lion Babe.

That may or may not happen. I want to experiment with creating natural hair looks on dolls. That series isn't a priority though.

Next there's my Raven-Symone That's So Raven doll.

I didn't even know Mattel made these, otherwise I would have had one when they came out.

I bought her for her unique body shape, but I'll leave her like this until I find the right project for any of her pieces.

She has a gorgeous face! Not very Raven though.

My Disney Princes.

These babies are gorgeous!

Seriously. I had to have these.

Amazingly, I found this Jasmine outfit in a flea market on my trip too!

Aww... aren't they cute? I'm gonna modify the outfit a bit, but it totally works.

I've always been disappointed with the Disney Store Prince dolls. The ones based on the hand-drawn characters mostly. Their bodies are horrible. Their faces look nothing like the characters. When they do, they are unattractive versions of themselves.

These designer sculpts are really good though. I've always wanted 'princes' for a couple of my princesses. An Aladdin for my Jasmine. A Shang for my Mulan. A Philip for my Aurora.

Unfortunately, Prince Philip is still ugly. Which is why I bought Snow White's Prince. He give me Philip vibes, plus he's a good-looking doll.

Top: Prince Philip Classic doll. Middle: Screenshots of Philip. Bottom: (Snow White's) Prince Classic Doll

I can see what they were going for, but the the final result for Philip is an ugly doll. Those early Princes were kind of interchangeable. Philip was the only exceptional one. He had the best design and the most distinctive personality.

He was the best Prince of those first three. 

So, I just chose the best doll. :)

Here he is acting as Prince Philip:

Prince with Mattel Signature Aurora

Now they just need clothes... I haven't decided if I want to go with their first incounter outfits or their royal introdution outfits...

Perhaps I should get both and swap when I feel like one or the other...

Before I leave Disneyland, I returned home to find this baby waiting for me:

Jajah, Jasmine's Pet by Applause
Found him on eBay. He's a little small, but he's screen accurate.

Now, I'd taken the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Barbie off my Wish List, but I found her for such a great price... I couldn't resist.

Thankfully, I just wanted her head because she's actually wearing the Queen of Hearts dress from Disney's live-action Alice in Wonderland.

I have no idea what doll this dress is from! It is to scale with Barbie, even if the bodice is a bit big for the Model Muse body.


I won't talk about everything I got because that would be... indulgent. However, I will talk about one more thing...

Isn't this cello beautiful?

It came with the I Love Lucy Audition doll. I bought it for my first diorama. A Mercy-verse diorama. Its gonna be so cool.

Anyway that's it for now.

I'll be posting images of the duplicate dolls I bought on my Flickr page.

Be sure to check it out! Links are at the top of the page.

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  1. Snow White's Prince Classic Doll is a cutie, thanks for sharing his photo and for pointing him out.

    I like the Red Queen (Alice) with her hair down. i think she's on a smaller Model Muse body ;-P Definitely need to find a new body for mine. Should I find her - think I still have her ....

    Thanks for sharing your finds!


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