2015 Doll Plans - Part 1

My room got messy.

 I lost the contract.

And, of course, lazy me, I never reprinted it.

I have it again, but... things have changed dramatically since I last made it, so it is basically an obsolete document now.

For example, I created this Wish List post-contract:

You can read all about it here. I edit & update with each purchase.

But of course the Wish List was only one part of my Contract.

Before I dive head first into blogging about my collection, I'd like to make it clear - to myself - what collecting will look like for the rest of the year. That way I will talk about projects that are actually ongoing and not just ideas, that I probably won't get to til next year.

So as I redraft my contract, my goal is to:
  1.  Eliminate all the - intentional & unintentional - loop holes I left in
  2. List every project for the year
  3. List every commission
  4. Outline doll purchases for the year (With a spending limit on each item)
Once that is done, I'll start going through my collection. There's some cool commissions and comparison photos that might be interesting to post.

See you then!

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The night is still young (How dare we sit quietly)
The night is still young (And watch the world pass us by)
The night is still young (How dare we sit quietly)
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