New Focus


With a new focus on customising, I’ve got to teach myself to hold back when it comes to smaller purchases. Its hard because sometimes I forget that smaller things will be available when I’m finished my customisations. Every time I see something I like I think: “Its never going to be available again! Not for this price!”
Everything is a good price when you’re trying not to spend.
It’s clearly become an addiction. Spending addictions are… dangerous, so I’m glad I’m dealing with it now.
Right now I’m selling off pieces from my doll collection. Clothes. Accessories. Dolls. I haven’t really started going through my doll collection. I guess I’m a little scared of that. But I have a lot of junk that I really should get rid of.
More importantly, I’ve been trying to do too much. I need to focus on things that I truly love that I will still love for years to come. I keep buying shit that I regret the moment the money leaves my hands.
I don’t want regret to be the only way for me to know when I’ve made a mistake.
I’ve written a Doll Contract with myself. It outlines what I am do during the year. Its a little weird, I’m sure, but necessary. Every time I think I need something, I’ll look at the contract, at what I’ve already committed myself to, and decide against it.
Sounds pretty simple right?

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  1. Hi! Wise decision on your part to avid overcrowding ;-)

    May I ask which dolls are the first two? I think I should know the middle one, but I don't. Thanks.

    1. No problem! On the far left is, a mother doll from Heart Family series. She has been rerooted and repanited. The middle doll is a Cali Girl Lea.


The night is still young (How dare we sit quietly)
The night is still young (And watch the world pass us by)
The night is still young (How dare we sit quietly)
So are we

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