New Arrivals

So, I've had a few new babies arrive recently!

These babies arrived a while back. They are my first purchases from the 2015 Barbie Fashionista line. There are so many exciting dolls in this line. So far these are the only must haves for me. I kind wish they didn't save all the really awesome ones for the fall, but... *sigh* What can you do?

Chandra is still mostly in tack, but Desiree has been broken up. She's given her body to one doll, her dress to another. I have plans for her head, they include a reroot - which I don't really want to do - but they may change. We'll see.

I'm just so obsessed with Chandra. She is so perfect to me. I have no idea what to do with her because my collection is a Pop Culture collection. All my dolls are based on something. Who is this gorgeous lark in the midst of everything? I'll figure it out. Eventually.

Next, up is a more recent arrival.

Bond Ken from the James Bond 007 Barbie & Ken Giftset. He's so gorgeous. I think he was painted to give off a Pierce Brosnan feel. I got him to be a partner to another one of my dolls. When I get them together I'll talk more about that.

These next two items arrived at the same time as Bond:

He is the Lord of the Rings Aragorn Ken doll. I've already rebodied him on Dreamhouse Ken! I mainly wanted this doll becasue he's a good looking Ken, but I also have plans for every piece of his outfit too. Not pictured is his crown, which I also have.

I ordered this cute resort hat.

Its cute. I'm thinking of painting it black.

My Elektra doll:
Elektra doll on her original Body. Outfit on Skipper Body with Indonesia-Sumatra head.

I'm pretty sure I bought this doll on a Daredevil high. (Have you seen that show? Its awesome.)

I don't really know this character. (I've been meaning to read some Elektra comics, but I'm reading so much right now... its hard. *sigh*) I'm making dolls of the Marvel TV characters that I love so I guess I'm banking on the belief that she is going to show up on Daredevil and that I will love her.

I'm pretty sure she's going to be in Daredevil Season 2... I saw her for a really good price... I just jumped for it! She's a beautiful doll. I'm glad I got her.

I tried to re-body her on multiple bodies, but because of how skinny her original waist was the outfit wouldn't fit most of them. I tried the Barbie Belly Button (Forget about it!), Liv doll (Mostly fit), & Disney Store body (wrap sat too high on body). The overall best fit was this Skipper body. I like that this body has a slender athleticism. She's also a little shorter than most Barbies, which I like. I love body diversity! The head didn't match so I have her a new head.

Lastly, there was Vitamin C Pop Sensation Barbie.

This doll is so special. Just look at her. She's gorgeous!

Now, I bought this doll for the head. She's one of just a few playline pale skinned Goddess dolls made. There are quite a few made for the Barbie Collector line, but some have been known to discolour and other are on more expensive dolls. Vitamin C sells at the perfect price point for the quality & age of the doll.

I was hoping to use her as the base my Catwoman doll. This arouses an internal conflict in me, because I love her face. To eliminate myself of this inner turmoil, I have ordered a second Vitamin C doll.

*sweat wipe* Whew!

Conflict gone.

BONUS PERK:  If you check the picture above you can see that Vitamin C #1 has an eye defect. The iris, pupil and light dot don't match up. From what I can see of the 2nd Vitamin C I ordered, her eyes a perfect.

So, in the end I get a better Vitamin C face!

But that's all the new doll stuff that arrived. Next time!

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