Mary-Kate & Ashley... and Elizabeth!

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I used to have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dolls when I was younger. If you know me, this is no surprise because I had Mary-Kate and Ashley EVERYTHING when I was younger. Books. Clothes. Films. If they sold it, I had it.

In the early days of my internet use, I remember going to their website looking for information and printing pages off to read when I got home.

*sigh* Those where the days...

I was a super fan. It even got to a point where my mother frequently complained that Mary-Kate and Ashley were taking all her money.

And to a certain extent, this is true for a lot a families.

They made their fortune by releasing their own product. They really created this modern tween market that now Disney and lots of other companies are cashing in on. They were the frontrunners and probably the only ones to parlay their acting careers into a completely different field as legit fashion designers. One of these days I'm going to have the money to buy one of their designs... I'm always keeping my eye out for the item that's going to break my cherry...

Now that I've gotten back into dolls, I wanted to get MK & A dolls again.

At first, I thought I wanted to get Getting There dolls, which is probably my favourite movie from them. But they are very hard to find in costume!

I would have loved to have these dolls but, alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Or When In Rome, which is my co-favourite.

I ended up getting these two but not before getting the Year of Celebration dolls, already deboxed.

Mine had messy hair and missing shoes, but here they are all neat and in box.
 Which I got because I remembered them wearing those outfits in real life! 

I wish the doll dresses were floor length, like the real ones.
When I saw these dolls for such good price I thought, "Oh, that's an idea! My Mary-Kate and Ashely dolls should be of them and not a character!"So I bought them.

Then I saw the When In Rome dolls still in the box and I thought, "I really like that movie. They have cool clothes. I should get these." So I did. I kinda regret that, though. The price was not worth it but its too late now.

So... now I have TWO sets of Olsen dolls when I only need one.

More After Break.

Not cool... except for the fact that now I can make an Elizabeth Olsen doll! She is their younger sister and now an up and coming actress that I've been following. I'm actually really impressed with what I've seen of her so far. It's been really exciting to follow.  Right now she's up for a really cool part in Mavel's Avengers: Age of Ultron -- which I hope she gets!

The cool things is: she resembles them enough that one of the dolls could totally pass for her!

Which is really exciting for me! But now the question is: which one?

I came up with an answer for this pretty easily.

The MK & A dolls were always - very cleverly, I think - created so that the Mary-Kate could be easily distinguished from the Ashley doll. MK's dolls always had a teeth smile and narrower eyes. Ashely's doll always had a closed mouth smile and wider eyes. They eye thing is actually true to life, but back in the day when they were promoting to kids, both were big smilers.

Part of their transition as adults into the fashion business was this seemingly conscious decision to not smile and rather do this weird combination of a pout and smirk.

Love these glasses. I need some. BAD.

It was a little weird to me at first, but now I see it as a way of separating themselves from their previous public personalities. Now, I think they are less conscious of it you see them smiling here and there. I actually really like it now. It's a look. Their signature look.

I say all that to state that I chose to make turn two Ashley dolls into the MK & A doll and an Mary-Kate doll into a Elizabeth. Elizabeth is in this place in her career where she's trying to market her self and get attention. She smiles all the time!

So, here they are:

From left to right: Elizabeth, Ashley, Mary-Kate.


The Elizabeth doll has been rebodied on a Skipper body. MK & A are short so I'm going to leave them on their original bodies. For now, at least.

I cannot wait to dress them. Right now my intention is to dress them according to their current fashion sense. Right now, I am the age that I remember them going through the transition I described above, so I want to honor that aspect of their current persona. They all have flat feet which is limiting but I'm willing to work with it. If I get really strong ideas about how I want to dress them that conflict with their current bodies, I'm open to changing them. Elizabeth might get a model muse body... Still thinking about that...

They are a gorgeous family! Glad that I could do this, even if I kinda regret how much it cost me.


((None of these photos are mine, except the last one. By using them here, I  am not claiming that they are mine.))

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