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So it’s been a minute since I talked about those highly articulated bodies and I speculated they might be for Mattel's new DC girls line. Well, that turned out to be incorrect. The dolls revealed were much more akin to Mattel's Monster High and Ever After High lines.

At first I was a little disappointed; and if I'm being honest, I still am. Not as disappointed, though, as I would have been had I not spent the last year admiring so many beautiful Monster High dolls on Flickr.

And definitely not as disappointed if the dolls weren't so cute!

The whole DC Superhero Girls line had its coming out at New York Comic Con.

It was all very exciting, and I love what they have to say but we barely get a glance at the dolls in that video!

Thankfully, there were people there to take photos of the dolls on display, so we have IRL images of the DC girls display. These are most likely prototypes of the doll line that will eventually be released to us next year.

 First up, Wonder Woman!

Overall, I'd say I'm a fan of this design. The pants remind me of her that terrible TV costume for that failed Wonder Woman pilot a few years ago...

What an ugly costume!

Lets check the cartoon design this is based on.

It works on the doll because of the teenage vibe. I'm not a fan on the red piping on the sleeves. I always think it looks cheap when they try to achieve that finished look with just thread. Other than that my only complaint is that she has a molded lasso. I would have preferred one that is bendy, that can hold different poses. Something with a wire inside. That way you could get some play ability with it. You could wrap it around a bad guy she's trying to take down. As is, it is only good for posing her with, which is fine for me, but not so much for the kids.

Next up, Supergirl.

Kara's been getting a lot of press lately because of her upcoming TV show. I'm really excited for it. This is the more traditionally blonde version of the character. They do similar thing with Kara's sleeves as they did with Wonder Woman, but it is not as bad here because it matches the blue.

Now, for the cartoon design.

The design has a schoolgirl element to it, with the collar and skirt. I wish the skirt on the doll were pleated. That would really give it more of a schoolgirl vibe. As is, it’s cute!

Next Poison Ivy!

One of two villains in the main line-up. I really like her face sculpt. It has a serene quality to it that I associate with Poison Ivy. I picture her with a quiet intensity. Her passions run deep, but she has a poker face. They captured that here.

I'm not totally happy they went the cheap route with her dress.  In the cartoon images, it’s clearly a pale green dress with moss green leggings. On the doll it’s a pale green body suit and a sheer 'dress' overlay. I imagine I'm going to pose her with out the sheer part.

Or make her a dress myself.

I think they were trying to recreate the look of her having plants form her clothes, like the comic...

...But the result is a cheap looking doll. At least it still gives us the sweetheart neckline underneath we usually get from Poison Ivy.

Next in the display was Batgirl.

I'm not crazy about her cartoon design.

They are pulling from a number of influences here and what comes together is pretty good. I wish her hoodie were black. I don't think the bat ears should be purple.

It becomes more of a problem on the doll because instead of it all being 2 colours on her top (purple 7 yellow), there’s like 3 including a pattern. I don't mind Mattel adding detail to the costume for the doll. I think that's a good idea. Why, though, do sleeves and hoodie have to be a different purple from the pattern? Why does the zig-zag stitch around the front the hoodie have to be yellow? It would look so much better if matched.

I notice that the long sleeved girls have shortened sleeves. I wonder how much money that saved them.

All in all, I love her face design. Love that her mask is removable and not painted on. Love her chosen hair colour. Her boots look cool. Above gripes aside, she's a good-looking doll.

Next, Bumblebee.

Despite being the character I am least familiar with in this line up, Bumble Bee has a great design and its is my favourite of the bunch. I honestly have no complaints with her outfit. 

It feels fresh, but appropriately detailed for a tech-girl. 

She's supposed to have long sleeves, but since they are clearly not doing that, I won't complain again.

I'm not that familiar with her comic book design. I'm mostly familiar with her Teen Titans design.

It is a little retro, which is cool, but I like the new design better. It has the bee colours, but with more a focus on structure and shapes, which reflects how a tech-hero might dress herself.

Lastly, there's Harley Quinn.

I'm a fan of this design. It gives me everything I want from Harley, while including elements from her more recent outfits. I have 2 minor gripes. I wish they did reverse red and black shoes and her mallet's arm was black.

Her design includes red and black tights. On the doll her legs are cast in red and black. I won't include this in my gripes, but this seriously cuts into her redressing possibilities. I really wish they hadn't done this, but... *sigh* It is what it is.

Overall, I'm really happy with this line! Its a great debut line. I'm really excited for the future. I hope it takes off. There needs to be more superhero merchandise for girls. I hope the success of this line breeds more superhero dolls and merchandise. 

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